The Human Resources Department at the City of Woodway works to attract, engage, and retain the best talent to provide quality services to the citizens of Woodway, and their primary goal is to improve, empower, grow, and retain employees. The Human Resources Manager will assist employees with Recruitment Benefits, Wellness Compensation, Classification Training and Development, and Employee Retention/Relations.

Employment Opportunities:


Salary range $19.00/hr – $20.99/hr

Dispatcher-Job Description

Work is performed under the general supervision of the Communications Supervisor. Interested applicants should review job description for duties, requirements, and physical demands. To apply, complete application packet A & TCOLE packet B, see links below.

Packets can be delivered to Woodway Public Safety at 920 Estates Dr. Woodway, TX

Dispatch App Packet A


Glenda Girard
Human Resource Manager


922 Estates Dr
Woodway, TX 76712