Upcoming Elections

May 7, 2022 General Election

The following City Councilmember positions are expiring in 2022:

• Jane Kittner, (Ward 3, Place 2)

• Scott A. Giddings, (Ward 2, Place 2)

• Amine Qourzal, (Ward 1, Place 2)

Deadlines for Filing an Application for a Place on the Ballot:

First day to file – January 19, 2022

Last day to file – February 18, 2022

The requirements/qualifications to serve on the Woodway City Council are found in the Home Rule Charter:

Sec. 2.4. – Qualifications.

Each Council member shall be a citizen of the United States and a qualified voter of the State of Texas. Each of the Council members shall be a resident of the City of Woodway, and shall have resided in the ward from which they were elected for a period of at least one (1) year immediately prior to their election.

In addition, each person filing for election to and each Council member occupying one of the places designated for a ward shall be a resident of the ward for which the place is designated. In the event the Council, by ordinance, increases the number of wards to six (6), the Council shall at the same time designate one (1) Council place for each ward, but the ward residence requirement stated in the foregoing sentence shall not apply to the Council members occupying such places during the unexpired portion of the term for which they were elected.

A member of the Council ceasing to possess any of the qualifications specified in this section or any other section of this charter, or convicted of a felony while in office, shall immediately forfeit his/her office. No member of the Council shall hold any other elected public office.

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