Formal bids must be returned by the vendor to the City Secretary’s Office by the time and date specified. The bids are opened and each is read aloud and documented. After bid opening, all bids are evaluated. When the bid analysis is completed, a recommendation is submitted to City Council. Council votes to approve or reject the recommended bid or request proposals.

Current Opportunities

New Family Center Construction Manager-At-Risk Addendum 1

Request for Qualifications – New Family Center Construction Manager-At-Risk

Link for New Family Center Preliminary site plan, floor plan, and exterior elevation as part of the RFQ

Debris Removal Addendum 2

Debris Removal Addendum 1

Request for Proposal #21-10 – Debris Monitoring Services

Request for Proposal #21-09 – Debris Removal and Emergency Services 

Request for Proposal #21-08 – Disaster Recovery Grant Management and Administration Services

Bid #21-07 – Bush Drive Roadway Improvements

Bid #21-06 – Summit Ridge Force Main Extension